Teapublican Conservatism


There are those who remain a microcosm of a larger national culture that thrives on false principals rooted in fear-based, emotional conjecture. In spite of the evidence and facts that contradict their positions they remain oblivious to reasoned debate and critical thinking. This is a culture that routinely expresses tangential thinking, unfounded conspiracies and irrational fears centered on government takeovers and Muslim ties to the White House. This same demographic suggest Iraq had connections to 9/11, AIDS is Gods punishment, creationism is valid science and Obama is a Muslim. This baseless thinking has reached radical levels; U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin recently refused orders to Afghanistan because he believes Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

Attempting to engage in a rational dialog with individuals such as Mr. Lakin, who toss around words like socialism and fascism without any idea of their meaning and who subscribe to the theory of trickle down economics, the Bush tax cuts and Wall Street deregulation as good economic policy,
you quickly find yourself in a circular conversation with individuals who pride themselves on anti-intellectualism and are mired in cognitive dissonance.
The result is bumper sticker politics and sound bite solutions from a group that abhors moderation and remains unwilling to discern opinion from fact, evidence from conjecture and data from beliefs. They struggle with the concepts of truth and logic and the complexities of delusion versus fact.

This is a group that wants to fundamentally change our society and move us forward to the late nineteenth century. They propose to alter the balance of the Supreme Court, eliminate Medicare, privatize Social Security, increase defense spending, repeal healthcare, privatize student loans, trample women’s rights, continue big oil subsidies, corporate welfare and ultimately pursue George Bush’s third term.


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