Failed Tepublican Ideology


Eight weeks post election and Republicans remain genuinely perplexed by the decisive and sweeping victory in the swing states, the electoral college and the popular vote.
In spite of voter suppression, lies, cynicism, extremism and unqualified candidates, the GOP worked overtime to run a failed campaign and abandon moderation.

Republicans continue to work overtime on their failed ideology of 

anti-intellectualism, anti-science and fear. From the manufactured issues of birth certificates to Benghazi, moderate Republicans remain marginalized and unwilling to silence their own sideshow of social dropouts, hypocrites, flip-floppers and anti-government extremist which have separated their constituents from reality.

In their quest to embrace populism, the Republicans have created their very own Frankenstein in the tea party, which has hijacked the GOP and now unable to escape from the empty tri-corner rhetoric and know nothing policies, moderate Republicans remain entangled and conflicted with extremists who pride themselves on anti-intellectualism and remain mired in cognitive dissonance. The result is bumper sticker politics and sound bite solutions from a group that abhors moderation and unwilling to discern opinion from fact, evidence from conjecture and data from beliefs.

The same dumbed-down conservatism that lost the Republicans the popular vote the last six cycles continues uninterrupted with daily euphuisms of freedom and independence with rhetoric like: “Government plans to take more money from the evil 1% and funnel it into programs that perpetuate personal dependency” Further statements like: “The election was lost because Obama promised free stuff” continues to call attention to their lack of imagination and willful ignorance.

Everyone knows the election results had absolutely nothing to do with Romney’s lack of policy or his promise to protect us from guys like himself. Perhaps only now will the Tea Party obstructionist begin to fade into obscurity or move out of the way to allow moderate main street republicans to once again govern and embrace America’s reality and diversity. In the end the party that enlarges our liberty tends to win the argument.


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